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Unluckily, the easy part is to write a book, yes you heard it right despite of all the time invested in writing book, the real challenge is to sell the book. But through internet, it can be done with ease than you think., it is a service that have big mailing list and variety of products over there. They have policy of giving commission to their entrepreneurs too. It provides a great platform to sell your items, what they do basically; they match up the people who are trying to sell their products with people that have mailing lists. Just consider that if you have a big mailing list and you are interested in definite product of definite niche then go for service; in this way you can offer those products to your mailing list and can get bit of commission from this. is offering different types of commissions; mostly you will get 50% most of the time; more or less sometimes. Its works well too if you have a product to sell, make a product sales page, go to, and show there so that people who have mailing list can view your sales page and not that only can view, but they can operate your sales page for your own marketing purpose. They handle all of the procedure from downloading the product to buying the products. It’s a great tool to sell your book online so do inspect for, look for yourself how made marketing easy. The website has lot of features to offer, providing wide genre of life style products to software apps, it sells digital products throughout the world being a top online retailer.

Another technique is to list down your product on, go after other people belonging to your niche which have a mailing list to offer and greet them about partnership together with 75% or 90% commission more than you usually provide. Or you can settle up for 100% commission by giving them a limited time like for only 2 weeks and then change the commission rate back to the original. The benefit you can take from this act is, you are not going to be rich in selling just a single product, what makes you strong is you thought out of the box and you just landed yourself into building connection through making a mailing list. Through using mailing list, you can sell other products, services and continuity programs and then people join membership sites that u offered to them, hence an efficient way to generate your monthly income and long way to go in business.

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