How to Sell Broken Electronics Online

If you are ever strapped for cash and have no way of making extra money, then try spring cleaning and gather all the old electronics you can find because you might be sitting on a goldmine. Even if the appliances are broken and no longer working you can still sell electronics online and stand to make some cash. It is better than throwing them away since some of the parts can be reused and the hardware recycled. There are a few places willing to buy your broken electronics.


eBay has an entire market for online electronics business opportunities. People buy broken and unwanted electronics and pay for them through cash or credit card. If the item you have is no longer in production and a vintage collectible, then chances are you will be paid a handsome amount for it. Even though selling electronics online will bring in more money if you sell it at a market, eBay is a much more convenient service. You won’t be required to physically go anywhere and haggle with the buyer. This option is perfect for those who want to make a quick buck with zero effort. All you have to do is upload pictures online and write an honest description. It is basically getting rid of old junk and freeing up space in your house and making money out of it.


This website buys all used and broken electronic devices from people like you. The process is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is visit the website and select the type of appliance you want to sell online from the listed categories. The website purchases gaming consoles, smartphones and even smart watches. Once you have selected the category you must fill out a form with all the necessary information and then the website will reply with a quotation. You can even sell electronics online in bulk with GreenBuyBack.

At checkout, you have to give your complete address and select the payment method i.e. PayPal or a check mailed to you. The best thing about this website is you do not have to pay the shipping fees as the website will take care of it. The website also creates a shipping label you can place on the package and all you have to do is paste it and mail it. They send the payment when they receive the package.

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