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People have buying clothes and DVDs online for more than a decade now. However, there are many people who are wondering whether customers are prepared to buy large, bulky items over the Internet. So, they want to know whether it is a good idea to sell furniture online.

The furniture market in the US is growing every year. The situation is similar around the globe. Part of this huge market was left unorganized for many years and people that were participating in this unorganized part have decided to use the Internet in order to improve their business results. As a result of that, some serious branded furniture players have made a decision to start online ventures on popular online marketplaces. One of the most popular marketplaces found online is Amazon.

Nowadays, thanks to the wide selection of pieces of furniture found online and many low-cost or free shipping solutions, people all over the USA have accepted the fact that shopping furniture online is a convenient and reliable way of making their homes more functional and more attractive.

This was a basic introduction to the current situation of the furniture market on the Internet. But, how can one start a furniture business online? Our suggestion is to try Amazon, as the world’s largest online marketplace.

Starting any kind of business, including FURNITURE BUSINESS, on this online marketplace is not a difficult thing. There are actually four basic requirements to sign up for their seller’s program. First of all, you will need to share your contact details (phone number, postal address, full name and email address). Next, you should have and share the Permanent account number (PAN) for business. The third requirement is to share your ID/GTS number. Finally, you must provide your Bank Account Details. This is a necessary step because Amazon needs a bank account number where they can send your payment.

Of course, these four requirements are just the beginning of the process of establishing your spot for selling furniture on Amazon. Next, you must prove that you have a facility where you keep your furniture and you must find a way to ship the furniture on your own. In addition, you must offer installation on spot. In the end, you must prove that you can arrange returns of damaged goods.

You can also use this platform to sell furniture online: https://www.shopify.com/sell/furniture



When you sign up and prove that you meet these requirements, you should follow our step-by-step guide.

  1. Select a state, area or part of the world where you can ship the goods. It’s good to know that Amazon allows sellers of furniture to choose one specific region where they can sell. There is a special Ship By Region feature on Amazon where you should select the area.
  2. After that, you should download the NIS template. There is a guide in it which will help you add the right data.
  3. When you complete the template, contact Amazon’s Seller Support Team. At this stage, you should create ASINs. In this way, you will learn how to create a catalog of your furniture and how to add these pieces of furniture in your online store.
  4. Next, you should check the Shipping Settings page. All the regions are checked by default which means that you should uncheck them and leave only the area where you will ship your items.
  5. Go to Settings and enter the information about Privacy Policy, Shipping and About Seller.
  6. When you complete all these steps, you can start your online store.

Don’t forget that Amazon provides assistance for every user, so if you get stuck feel free to contact them.